Total Technology Solutions (TTS)




LEADERSHIP: Is technology innovation a part of your corporate vision?

VALUE PROPOSITION: Is your technology enhancing your business or is it a lost cost?

GROWTH FOCUSED: Is your technology allowing for growth and adaptability?

RESULTS ORIENTED: Does technology drive profitability for your organization?

Decades of Executive experience leading organizational change, exceptional financial performance from technology, business continuity and innovation. Our CIO’s will help you and your organization reach new levels through technology – from the temporary placement to the outsourcing of your technology leadership through our vCIO program. It is a true recipe for success!

If you are not sure what exactly your business requires to compete in this technology based business environment, or if you are not large enough to have your own Information Technology department, you are not alone.

As a vital component of the Paradigm Technology Services Total Technology Solutions (TTS) package, Paradigm Technology Services offers a full range of technology consulting services for your business.

We can help evaluate your business needs and requirements, proposing solutions to help your business make the most efficient and effective use of technology and information.

How We Can Help

Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with clarity around and creative approaches to all aspects of your technology environment. What does this mean for you?

One monthly bill

The use of a predictable revenue based service model assists many companies, greatly reducing financial complexity. Predictable network expenditure across the enterprise helps budgeting, leading to a predictable and accountable return on investment (ROI).


Tighter cost control and clarity over ROI. With well defined SLA driven performance metrics, there are minimum performance guarantees which offer peace of mind.

Supplier consolidation

A single point of contact for all your IT needs greatly reduces management complexity. At Paradigm Technologies each client has their own account manager and a dedicated technical manager. As long as we have committed to take care of your IT infrastructure, there will be no issues with finger pointing as is often the case with multiple suppliers when compatibility issues arise.

Cost savings

There can be significant cost savings in outsourcing, over having same knowledge in house. There are also tax benefits of running your IT as a service rather than an asset, i.e. operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure.

Reduced recruitment risks

When you outsource your IT management to Paradigm Technologies, you no longer have to worry about expensive holiday and sickness cover. Nor do you have prohibitive training costs, which are an essential part of keeping your IT team up to date with the latest technologies. Instead, you automatically have access to a wide range of skill sets within a wide spectrum of disciplines, all from a trusted and reliable technology partner.

Easy administration

At Paradigm Technologies, we can handle all aspects of equipment and software specification, installation and support, leaving you free to concentrate on core tasks. Vital management time and company resources are released when you allow Paradigm Technologies take over these tasks for you.

Let’s have a discussion.  Call us at 615-457-7419, or email us at to learn how we can help your organization with your technology needs.

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