virtualCIO (vCIO)


virtualCIO (vCIO)

Our Experienced CIOs – Serving your Growing Company

LEADERSHIP: Is technology innovation a part of your corporate vision?

VALUE PROPOSITION: Is your technology enhancing your business or is it a lost cost?

GROWTH FOCUSED: Is your technology allowing for growth and adaptability?

RESULTS ORIENTED: Does technology drive profitability for your organization?


Decades of Executive experience leading organizational change, exceptional financial performance from technology, business continuity and innovation. Our CIO’s will help you and your organization reach new levels through technology – from the temporary placement to the outsourcing of your technology leadership through our vCIO program. It is a true recipe for success!

Technology Experience, Leadership and the Ability to innovate – Is our value proposition!

What we do: Our primary goal is to provide your company with all of the benefits of an experienced CIO. Our expertise and processes leverage in-depth industry best practices, extensive knowledge, attention to detail and creativity to assist your organization in effective IT decision making.

What makes us different: We are not your traditional IT consulting firm, we are focused on collaborating with your leadership teams to empower your growth through leadership and planned outcomes. We have extensive knowledge in healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing. Our CIO’s and VP’s bring decades of knowledge, executive-level experience and technology innovation “know how”.

We know that executive IT experience does not happen overnight. We are here to help your organization, your leadership team and operations teams through mentoring and knowledge transfer.


An organizationally focused, forward-thinking plan for any business is a required component. Your business will not be successful unless your business goals closely align with your technology operations and capabilities. We ensure that all of your paths lead in the same direction.


Are you looking for a fulltime CIO or VP of IT; but need an experienced executive to keep your IT operations running effectively? Our experienced CIO’s can come into your organization and keep it running smoothly while your find the perfect candidate to join your team fulltime. Our CIO’s will deliver results.


Our experienced Executives will partner with your leadership teams and gain a firm understanding of your business operations, your financial model and customer engagements. With this knowledge we collaborate with and can lead the development of your strategic plan. We build the bridges to your success.


Whether you are looking to migrate to a cloud environment or keep your systems on premise; we can help. We can partner with you to develop system and implementation requirements, critical success metrics and the complete analysis of options for your companies systems. We make sure all of your gears are in the right place.


Our consultants have extensive experience in current, best of class standards and practices to review your IT Organization, IT Systems, and IT Operations. The outcome of this review will be a formal assessment report that includes: Assessment findings, recommendations and potential options. We help you assemble the technology puzzle.


Looking for someone to help technology work for you? Paradigm Technology Services  has the wide variety of experience, personnel, and technology expertise necessary to provide any business, large or small with the products and services that make technology work for you, instead of against you. Paradigm Technology Services  has partnered with several state of the art partners to provide everything from hardware solutions to desktop support.

Let’s have a discussion.  Call us at 615-457-7419, or email us at to learn how we can help your organization with your vCIO needs.

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