Our Technology Practices – Why Companies Partner with Paradigm Technologies

The Paradigm Technologies Teams bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table, with one goal in mind – EMPOWERING YOU and your business. Our experience is your gain – through our collaboration with your teams we are able to not only design in-depth solutions for your organization we are able to implement and manage them for you. FROM THE MINOR TECHNICAL DETAILS TO ENTIRE BUSINESS STRATEGIC PLANNING, OUR EXPERIENCED TEAM IS AT YOUR CALL.

vCIOVirtualCIO (vCIO) & VirtualCOO (vCOO)
Has your company grown, and you are finding your company needing a “Fractional” COO, CIO or IT Leader to assist with your growth?

Are you looking for a fulltime COO, CIO, CTO or VP of IT; but need an experienced executive to keep your IT operations running effectively?

Our experienced Executives can come into your organization and keep it running smoothly while you find the perfect candidate to join your team fulltime. Our Executives will deliver the definitive results that empower your organization – exactly what you are looking for.
InfrastructureTOTAL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (TTS) – Managed Services
If you are not sure what exactly your business requires to compete in this technology-based business environment, or if you are not large enough to have your own Information Technology department, you are not alone.

A vital component of the Paradigm Technologies Total Technology Solutions (TTS) package, Paradigm Technologies offers a full range of technology solutions – from Concierge Managed Services to a full range consulting services for your business.

We can help evaluate your business needs and requirements, proposing solutions to help your business make the most efficient and effective use of technology and information.


Enterprise Security and the threats to businesses today are constantly evolving. Enterprises worldwide are witnessing a transformation in terms of technology, and it is a constant struggle to keep pace with this ever-changing landscape. There is urgency for the enterprise to bridge the gap between information technology and information security. We can help you discriminate between your business goals and incorporate specific enterprise security solutions leading to a perfect match. From Security Audits to implementing solutions, from PCI/PII to HIPPA and ITGC – we can help!

Our consultants will provide you with clarity around and creative approaches to, security strategy and policy design. Our services build an information processing environment to not only protect and secure, but also support day-to-day business and revenue growth initiatives.  We help you create an infrastructure that manages the security and privacy of information aligned with the objectives of your organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning will ensure your organization protects its reputation and increase your resilience in the face of adverse circumstances, whether internal, external or an act of God. Business Continuity Management will help to protect your brand from a variety of risks, including cyber risks, delivery to customers, and the cost of recovery in the event of an incident.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) integrates the disciplines of Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery (technology continuity) and Business Continuity (organizational / operational relocation). Paradigm can help you to protect your business in the event of a disaster.


Our consultants have extensive experience in current, best of class standards and practices to review your IT Organization, IT Systems, and IT Operations. The outcome of this review will be a formal assessment report that includes: Assessment findings, recommendations and potential options.

We help you assemble the technology puzzle.


An organizationally focused, forward-thinking plan for any business is a required component. Your business will not be successful unless your business goals closely align with your technology operations and capabilities. We ensure that all of your paths lead in the same direction.

Are you confused about your Cloud or Telecom options? Are you paying too much every month or just want to find the best telecom provider?
Paradigm Technology Services is known for “Clearing the Fog of the Cloud”. We can evaluate your current solutions and cloud migration strategies – ensuring you have the best solution for your continued business success, at the lowest possible price.
With direct access to over 200 cloud and telecom providers, we can provide a single stop for your procurement and implementation options. This is a free service to our customers!


Our experienced Executives will partner with your leadership teams and gain a firm understanding of your business operations, your financial model and customer engagements. With this knowledge we collaborate with and can lead the development of your strategic plan. We build the bridges to your success.

We can
help evaluate your business needs and requirements, proposing solutions to help your business make the most efficient and effective use of technology and information.

Let’s have a discussion.  Call us at 615-433-8570 / 844-218-5408 or email us at Sales@paradigm-technologies.com to learn how we can help your organization with your Operations and Technology needs.