Technology Roadmaps (TR)


Does your company have a formal Technology Plan that integrates with your corporate strategy?

LEADERSHIP: Is Technology planning a part of your IT culture?

VALUE PROPOSITION: We will help design and implement the “right technologies” to support the organization’s core capabilities as well as its critical business functions today AND tomorrow.

GROWTH FOCUSED: Is your technology allowing for real-time adaptation to business needs and demands? Every solution we work to provide, and implement is focused on your growth and operational success.

RESULTS ORIENTED: Does your plan consider all aspects and technologies of your organization? All of our plans are built around your business and its operations – not the “neat or latest widgets”. Delivering Intelligent Business and Technology Solutions to Empower Your Business.

Today’s competitive business landscape drives rapid product innovation, and in turn makes it critical for organizations to have the right technology solutions in place so they are ready for future market needs. Company leaders or stakeholders often wonder how short and long term business goals can be matched to a specific technology— all while keeping costs and risks low.  One answer is the technology roadmap and road mapping process.

In the 1970s, Motorola created the process of technology road mapping. Since then, companies around the world have turned to technology road mapping to drive complex projects. Robert Galvin, Motorola’s former chair of the board, has repeatedly stated that roadmaps are designed to communicate visions, attract resources from business and government, stimulate investigations, and monitor progress.

However, in today’s age of rapid development, technology roadmaps (often called IT roadmaps) have evolved. They now provide a structured visual platform that represents the culmination of planning, strategy, and information coordination provided by a cadre of stakeholders in multiple areas of an organization. A technology roadmap helps communicate how the organization’s technology investment will support the organization’s overall business strategy. In many organizations, the technology roadmap becomes the action plan for engineering and IT teams and reassures business executives that their investment will produce capital.

Technology roadmaps are complex and have many nuances. This piece takes an in-depth look at the technology road mapping process, and explains how to gain executive approval and support of your technology roadmap.


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